Worship at Mt. Zion Church is traditional, but lively. We share our prayers, have special time for children, and hear an engaging message that is relevant to our everyday lives.

 Communion is celebrated and shared on the first Sunday of each month.

The worship service begins at 10:15 am.

If you are planning to visit Mt. Zion Church for your first Sunday, we invite you to read the "I'm New" page for more information.

ADvent Worship: THe Nativity Seen

What is the meaning of Christmas? Get a response from those who were there - learn who they were and what they saw.

Weekly worship Folders

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Bulletin for July 15, 2018: "A Blueprint for the Church" Pastor John

Bulletin for July 22, 2018: "O Magnify The Lord With Me" Pastor John

Bulletin for July 29, 2018: "The Prayer Experience" Pastor John

Bulletin for August 5, 2018: "The Caring Church: Pastor John Overman