prayer ministry

We believe that prayer takes us into the center of all that God the Father is doing in the world through Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are always honored to hold your prayers in our heart and join you in offering them to the Lord through the week, and invite you to share and join your prayers to ours.

tuesday night prayer and praise

A small group gathers in the sanctuary to pray for the our world, the nation, our community, the people and ministry Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. We also lift to God any prayers that someone has asked to keep in our hearts with Christ through the week. Anointing with oil for healing is also available.


Prayer Chain

The Mt. Zion Prayer Chain began when a small group of women read, What Happens When Women Pray” by Evelynn Christensen. The women were her observation that When everyone is praying simultaneously for the same requests there is really tremendous power in prayer. I know that great changes have taken place in my life because the prayer chain prayed for me.” 

Our current prayer chain is comprised of men and women who receive and quickly communicate to each other a requests for prayer. While most of the prayers that are shared are for healing and comfort, we also welcome prayers for guidance, discernment, or provision.


Prayer Shawls

Completed Prayer Shawls

Completed Prayer Shawls

The Mount Zion Prayer Shawl Ministry meets once a month for one and a half hours. After a prayer is said to bless the work, the group sets to work. As each shawl is made, the group thinks of those who will be receiving the shawl, and shares in good fellowship. 

After the shaws are completed, they are shared to console those who are grieving, comfort those who are ill, embrace those who are in need, and bring hope to those in despair. Completed prayer shawls are available in the gathering area of Mt. Zion Church.

The prayer shawl ministry gathers on the first Thursday evening of the month.

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