God Moments

Did you hear about the guy who saved his life by driving into a tree?

According to the Vineland, New Jersey Daily Journal Bryan Rocco was eating a chicken sandwich and onion ring lunch while driving back to the office. “I started to choke on one of the onion rings,” he said, and then I guess I just blacked out.”

His company owned car swerved and crossed the road, hit a curb and struck a tree. "Next thing I knew, when I came back to," he said, "I was on my side, facing the opposite direction."

He was awake, alive, and suffering from a cut on his head, a few bumps and bruises and a swollen chin. Police believe the air bag, which deployed when he hit the tree, apparently dislodged the onion ring stuck in his throat. "The whole thing caught me by surprise," he said. "I was going out, blacking out and then I'm awake."

I’ve heard a lot people talk about angels watching over them, but who would have thought you could get an angelic Heimlich maneuver?

It all sort of reminds me of time the King of Assyria announced a hostile takeover of Jerusalem. “Don’t depend on your God to save you,” said the Assyrian king,  “your God will fare no better than the gods who ended as the wood my army used to cook their victory dinner.”

King Hezekiah, the story goes, took the Assyrian letter before the Lord, who assured him that the King of Assyria would leave Jerusalem without so much as a souvenir matchbook cover, or postcard to show he was there.

True to this word, the King of Assyria arrived with a large force. True to his word, the Lord stopped the Assyrian army cold. They laid down to sleep, the Bible says, “and when the Assyrians arose in the morning they were all dead.” (2 Kings 19:35)

It isn’t just whistling in the dark to say that all things are possible with God, or God’s eye is on the sparrow so I know He watches me. It isn’t naïve optimism to say every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good. When the Psalmist says: “At day's end I'm ready for sound sleep, for you, God, have put my life back together,” it’s because he knows, “God gives more joy in an ordinary day, than can be gained in a shopping spree.” (Psalm 4 The Message)

God is not a fluke; faith is more than a lucky charm. Faith is life that depends on God being God. When we know that every time belongs to the Lord, we are kept from the fear that we have no to depend on but ourselves.