Onion Snow

It was the last official day of winter. I was driving to the church, and when I saw a Mt. Zion groundhog emerge from its burrow, see its shadow, and scurry back inside. I began to worry that six more weeks of winter were in store. 

The next morning I awoke to greet first official day of spring.

It was snowing. Again.

An old Pennsylvania legend says that a limb bender, crack-stuffer, and onion snow must fall before spring can arrive.  The limb bender storm is a wet, heavy snow that bends tree limbs. The crack stuffer storm brings a dry, fine snow that settles into cracks. The onion snow arrives in the spring leaving a thin layer of snow that melts quickly.

Maybe it was the onion snow, I thought. But, as the morning went on, and the snow continued to fall, I drove to the church wondering if this might be the limb bender snow instead. Arriving at the church, I noticed that our parking lot was wet except for the white streaks of snow accumulating in the cracks, and I wondered if this first day of spring crack-stuffer, limb-bender, onion snow was winter’s way of saying that spring had sprung.

It was an Easter thought.

As March turns to April, we remember the week Jesus entered Jerusalem, gave his life for sin of the world, and died on the cross. On that sad day, the land turned dark. The ground shook. The rocks split. The curtain of the temple was torn top to bottom. The bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life, and they appeared to many people after Jesus was raised from the dead. (Matthew 27)

Then, on the first day of the week, the ground shook again. An angel rolled away the stone from his tomb, and then sat on it. The Roman soldiers guarding the tomb became as dead men. The tomb was empty. Christ had risen. The victory over death was won. God’s eternal spring had sprung.

The Bible says: “Just as we will die, so we will be raised to life. Adam brought death to all of us, and Christ will bring life to all of us. But, we must each wait our turn. Christ was the first to be raised to life, and we will be raised to life when he returns. Until that day, Christ will rule. He will put all his enemies under his power, and the last enemy he destroys will be death.”  (1 Corinthians 15:21-25 sel)

It takes a snow to make a spring.  It takes a cross to make an Easter.